• Valens Lake with fall leaves in background
    Campground Review

    Campground Review: Valens Lake Conservation Area

    Valens campground, located within Valens Lake Conservation Area, located between Hamilton and Cambridge, Ontario, is one of our favourite local campgrounds. Read our review to learn why or jump to our summary. Valens campground location Valens Lake is a short drive off Highway 6, sort of between Hamilton and Cambridge Ontario. It’s an easy drive to get there, even when towing a big rig, with paved roads and good signage. Valens campground is a good distance from main highways, so road noise is not an issue. However, if you don’t like waking to the sound of cows mooing in the distance you may want to “moove” on. As with many…

  • Freshly canned jalapenos
    Campground cooking

    Canning Preserves at Camp

    This weekend marked one of our favourite annual camping traditions: canning preserves at camp.  I don’t remember exactly where the idea came from, but it went something like this. A group of us were at camp, sitting around the fire, discussing one of our favourite subjects: food. Someone (likely Colin) mentioned they would like to try canning some of the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables available at this time of year. Someone else (okay, also likely Colin) suggested we could do it at camp, because we just happen to own a 90,000 BTU, three-burner outdoor propane stove (have I mentioned Colin is a Scouter?!).  And that’s how “Canning Camp” was…

  • The New Interior
    RV Renovation,  RV Tips

    Our Trailer Renovation: The Big Reveal!

    A couple of months ago, I blogged about our first trailer renovation. Today, I’m excited to share the big reveal! This is actually more of a trailer makeover than a trailer renovation as the changes were cosmetic, not structural. Word choice aside, we love the results! Take a look: Refreshed living area The biggest investment here was the reupholstered sofa and dinette and we’re so happy with how they turned out! We hired an expert to help with this step. Hope at Re-Luv'd Custom Upholstery has lots of experience re-covering RV and boat furniture. She helped us chose a neutral fabric to make it easy to change the look with…